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$28 Shuttle to Niagara Falls

Amherst, NY Taxi & Shuttle Service

Amherst, NY Shuttle & Taxi ServiceIf you need transportation from Amherst, NY to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport or vice versa, there is no transportation company more reliable than Buffalo Airport Taxi. We have been providing top quality taxi service to and from Buffalo Niagara International Airport for over 40 years. We offer the best prices, high quality vehicles, and excellent hours of service.

Taxi Service on Holidays, Nights, and Weekends

At Buffalo Airport Taxi you can get taxi service between Amherst and the airport any hour of the day, any day of the week. Our 24 hour a day policy does not take time off for any reason, including major holidays.

In addition, our prices are the same regardless of what time or day you want to travel. We don't implement any type of surge pricing, nor do we have holiday rates.

Consistent, Affordable Shuttle and Taxi Rates in Amherst

Compared to other taxi services and ride sharing options, you won't find a better rate. Our rates are mandated by the city of Buffalo. Ride sharing companies cost more, especially during peak hours when they implement surge pricing.

Reserving Your Amherst, NY Taxi Service 

There are numerous ways to hire a taxi from Buffalo Airport Taxi. We take reservations by phone, online, or in person at our airport taxi stand. Located in the baggage area, someone is available to take a reservation at any time of day, 365 days a year. From there, the taxi stand is only a few steps away where you can pick up your taxi and get a ride to Amherst.

About Our Shuttle Service

You can also take advantage of our shuttle service. This fixed price service travels to fixed locations near the airport. Shuttles start at 7AM and run until 10PM every night, with a new shuttle running every 20 minutes. The low price is unbeatable for anyone on the route. Make a reservation online, by phone, or at our airport information booth.

Schedule Your Shuttle or Taxi Today

Save money and secure your ride to and from the airport by scheduling your taxi or shuttle service with Buffalo Airport Taxi today. You can call or contact us online to quickly make a reservation.

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